A reunion down at the Waterfront

A few months ago, I caught up with Dave Adams (he and I are overdue for another, but that notwithstanding), who is now over at Waterfront Media.  And then last night I got an email that Deb (do I need to call her Deborah?  She, technically, can’t fire me any longer, so maybe I should just keep it) Josephs had also joined Waterfront Media, as SVP HR – congrats to Deb!

Update: OK, my facts were stale, Dave split Waterfront.. back to CBS?  Nope, he went to VEVO.

Speaking of ex-Clicker reunions.. Over at Datran Media, Norm Page, Scott Knoll, and Johanna Shalhoub are all employed..

Lastly, Ari is now a total A-lister.. nice press here for the YouTube monetization success story