Remember when..

As I packed up this AM in my hotel, I looked at my nice DoubleClick duffel bag.  I then remembered where I got it.  Back in like 2002 or 2003, I think Bruce Dalziel had the idea to sell off the excess schwag to the employees, so I bought a few things, including this bag.  I recall paying $20, I think Barb (Thanner) was running the register 🙂


Schwag I hadn’t seen in a while

Former Clicker, Ellen Dobrin, who is now back in the DoubleClick business (from Google, of all places) has some very cool stuff.. I was amazed anyone had this stuff – even KO!

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

More schwag found

a little of the old..

abacus doubleclick fanny pack

and a little of the new..

recruiting energy drink, mmm