Reunited at a DSP

Ari & Mike Rubenstein – reunited!  Ari joined AppNexus as head of Product.. it ain’t twitter, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Ari, we’re thinking of you..

Poor Ari got caught in the crossfile of a data loss over at Nielsen.. He should have hired Mehdi, then this would have never happened.

This is not the press he wanted to get:

“We don’t yet know if some properties were more affected than others,” said Ari Paparo, exec VP-online products at Nielsen. “That’s one of the questions that needs to be resolved.”

Be the last to know!

Ari Paparo has left Google for Nielsen! It’s tricky to confirm, I did a search on and there’s no mention of Ari – for shame!  No press releases or anything.. thankfully, a tweet tells it all.  However, I saw him in AdAge this AM and in tons of on-line rags  Since DoubleClick paid for that head shot, we should Nielsen an invoice.. Congrats on the new gig Ari.