Getting Glam’ed

Many of us knew that Ralf Hirt has been with Glam for years, but they just signed Navdeep Saini over there as well. Navdeep was here, with me, in Silicon Valley. He founded Permuto, which became Buysight, but left there and has landed with Glam – good luck!

Permuto Launches Active Shopper Report

Permuto Launches Active Shopper Report Revealing Top 20 Products for 2009.   Navdeep and his company sharing some insights..

Lots of permutations of Permuto

One of the cool things about living in the Valley, as I now do, is all the tech and start-ups.  Even cooler is when you know a founder and get to meet up and have lunch with them!  I had lunch today with Navdeep Saini, CTO and co-founder of Permuto.  They are a start-up, 2 miles from my house, doing some interesting things with display ads for marketers.. Good to see him!