KO taking it to the trolls!

Go KO!  I loved this story.. does anyone like patent trolls?

9 Ways Great Companies Organize Their Teams For Success (KO)

Kevin penned this piece for Fast Company, and you know what?  It’s a damn good piece.

KO at Disrupt

I enjoyed, some good insights.. especially around using technology to solve user problems.  And tech companies are “momentum stocks.”  “Throw the turd in the punch bowl at the party.”  Simple, but spot-on.  Not being sarcastic, he was real good.

Finding the Best with KO

KO, yes that KO is back in business.  Not a book on surfing, but a real business.  He did an interview recently about his new venture, FindtheBest.

I did a little test and used their site to look up Blog Software.  I use WP (wordpress), which is great.. and KO nailed it – that’s their top pick 🙂