Something big is going down with Freewheel!

OK, I made that up. But when I walked out of my hotel this AM, I ran into Doug Knopper, staying at the same hotel, so we got to say hello quickly before we went off for our morning fun!  No idea why Doug is in town, but that title sounded more snappy than, “I saw Doug on 25th street!”

In other news, Sean Harvey is on a 2 month tour – and if you appreciate Sean, as I do, reading his writings are pretty damn entertaining.  His blog is here –  Have a great trip Sean!

Get an umbrella, it’s raining money..

Another team loaded with ex-Clickers (I think the company with, on a % basis, the most ex-Clickers): FreeWheel Nabs $12 Million In Funding.  Congrats to the team there!