A new Alum Start-Up – Irrive.com!

I’ve been doing some “behind the scenes” beta testing for a cool new start-up, where the CEO is an Alumni, Steven Cohn (formerly of BusOps)!  The company is Irrive and they help you aggregate memories and details from trips into a single stream.  Here’s my use case: I go on a trip, but will Tweet, Foursquare check-in, take some Instagram photos, but then: how do I roll them for people to see?  Normally, you can’t, but with Irrive, you can!  Here’s one from a recent trip I took to Chicago.

Steve and team have been great, listening to my feedback, fixing some bugs I ran into, and iterating fast on the product.

I’ll keep using it for work and personal, give it a try!  And good luck Steve and team!