A new CEO..

David heading to be CEO.. not of Yahoo, AOL, some DSP or network/exchange, commerce play, but a site called 1stdibs… it’s all news to me!  But here’s a press piece on it, congrats and good luck!

Stuffing a Jewish guy into a stocking?

Twitter did the needful and stuffed Rosenblatt into their stocking, i.e. Board.  Adding $200MM in cold hard cash doesn’t hurt either!

GroupCommerce has a 2nd buyer – Rosenblatt!

After Andrew Glenn joined, now DR is named as Chairman.. GroupCommerce looks to, from my read, is private label groupon.  Sounds promising.

I must need to do more to get the word out

I heard a funny story.. and yea, I’m going to throw someone nice under the bus, but all in good fun.  Eoin Townsend, all around good guy and now customer over at Heavy.com, had some issues with their use of DFP recently.  So, among his attempts to reach out for some help, apparently he shot a note over to David (yes, that David).  Quite funny since David left, which was well covered by the press, over 6 months ago.. I need to get Eoin to read this blog a little more often 😉

In typical good fashion, David forwarded it over to someone to follow up.

DoubleClick, Israel and DR

Didn’t see this coming, David doing a pretty interesting Q&A with an Israeli web site..