David talks to Forbes

Good interview with David & Forbes.  Boy, this quote sums it up nicely:

“In the years before we took the company private, we had diversified into a number of business that were unrelated to our core service of managing digital advertising for buyers and sellers.

Our primary strategy after 2005 was to reverse that diversification and focus intensely on the core business. Once we did that, we realized that we had the opportunity to add new business, but we did so in a smarter way and in areas that were truly adjacent to the core business.”

Big news and other news..

rosenblatt The news is out, David Rosenblatt, long-time leader at DoubleClick, will be moving on.  His last day with be 5/15, which makes 5/16, AD, after David.  It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t glow about how great it was to work for David.  His leadership and style was perfect for DoubleClick – he focused on customers, revenue, and creating a culture that wanted to win, quarter after quarter – but that didn’t make legal nervous either 😉

David’s taking some time off and I’m eager to see where he lands.

In other news, Joe Pedro, joined Brian Kane at AdMeld.  Good luck Joe!

DoubleClick, Israel and DR

Didn’t see this coming, David doing a pretty interesting Q&A with an Israeli web site..