Google Loses Search Marketing Exec To Clickable (GOOG)

Dave Fall’s departure gets some press..   Google Loses Search Marketing Exec To Clickable (GOOG).

Fall departing in Summer

One of the good-guys, Dave Fall, has decided to move on to other adventures, his last day at Google is fast approaching.  I won’t be able to attend, but his going-away party is next week:

The particulars:        Date: Tuesday Aug 4th
Location: the Gaslight, 14th and 9th
Time:  5:30 – ?

I worked with Dave very early on in my career, right out of the gate in fact.  He was always someone that people liked working with and for.  He ran DFP Support, then got deep into the DART Mail pool, then helped with the going private of DoubleClick, and spent his last few years running the DART Search business.  He leaves a pretty strong legacy of accomplishments and people, like me, who truly enjoyed working with Dave.  He and I are both sad Mets fans, but that’s how Mets fans seem to prefer to exist anyway.

My favorite story was when Dave and I shared the same boss (no names), the boss was, how do you say, a little unreliable.  Dave would, like clockwork, show up for his 1:1 every Friday and our boss was never ever there.  Dave and I spent the time chatting about family, our kids, the Mets, or his latest home project.  This went on for quite a while..

Dave will be landing at Clickable, and they are lucky to get him.