More funding for Catchpoint!

Way to go Mehdi & team!  Series B

2 announcements – 5 years and Series-A for Catchpoint!

Hard to believe, but today is the 5 year anniversary of the DoubleClick acquisition!  In the news, it’s on the 11th, but internally, I show up as starting on the 12th.  Lots of news stories to browse through here.  So enjoy a moment of reflection on the whole timeline… public, Hellman, being acquired, announced, year waiting period, close, and so on… Happily, there are still some great Clickers walking the halls here.


And – Catchpoint, Mehdi’s company, announced they raised $3.2 million in series A funding – so a HUGE congrats to Mehdi and his team.

CatchPoint catches the retailers

Good report from CatchPoint about how the big online retailers performed on cybermonday.

Catchpoint Becomes First in the Industry to Offer Performance Monitoring from the Google Chrome Browser

Great innovation coming out of Catchpoint..

Deja Vu All Over Again..

The recent outage with Amazon might have seemed like the first real hiccup of the cloud.. but we’ve been living with the cloud for many years and over 10 years ago, DoubleClick had a cloud hiccup too.  Mehdi was there, so he remembers.  I was a customer then and remember talking with Bob Linksy on the phone afterwards.. I also remember scrambling as we took the tags down from all our publisher sites..  ahh, good times.

Crosspost: Counting Discrepancies

Real good post from our friends at Catchpoint.. These, seemingly, innocous JS/Script SRC files give other people a look at your customers, but can add a healthy performance hit as well…

Catching up with Catchpoint

Mehdi.  There’s your introduction.

Last week (ok, 2 weeks ago, I’m a little behind), I caught up with Mehdi.  He was nice enough to give me a go-to meeting demo of his new company and their flagship product, Catchpoint.  Mehdi and a number of other ex-Clickers work there and advise there.  It’s a real bootstrapped operation, but Mehdi may be trying his hand at a little fund-raising too.  But Mehdi walked me through the product, and man it’s cool.  It’s feature-rich, but does the easy things easily, and, without being an expert in monitoring systems, looks like it has all the goods.  Every single use case or question or feature I threw at Mehdi, he needed 1-2 clicks and there I was – in a diganostic tool, a graph or report, a customization screen; you name it.  It’s so cool, Mehdi now has some press out there – here’s a recent interview he conducted.

I know I speak for anyone who ever worked with Mehdi, when I say that I wish him all the best in his new venture.. I’ll be passing along all the leads I can – you should too!