If it looks like an Ari and sounds like an Ari, it must be an Ari..

Ari on the new AppNexus AppExchange.  With him, Michael, and Patrick S there, they have a mini-reunion 24/7.

The Nexus (+) One

The folks over at AppNexus, including, but not limited to (I know I’m overlooking someone) Ari & Mike Rubenstein just added another heavy hitter: Matt Haies. The former DoubleClick counsel is now GC over there, a great hire for them and a great opportunity for Matt. Matt’s wife, Jen Ladenburger, is still prospering at Google ūüôā

Reunited at a DSP

Ari & Mike Rubenstein – reunited! ¬†Ari joined AppNexus as head of Product.. it ain’t twitter, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Ari, we’re thinking of you..

Poor Ari got caught in the crossfile of a data loss over at Nielsen.. He should have hired Mehdi, then this would have never happened.

This is not the press he wanted to get:

“We don’t yet know if some properties were more affected than others,” said Ari Paparo, exec VP-online products at Nielsen. “That’s one of the questions that needs to be resolved.”

The tell all: Nielsen, GRPs, and more, with our favorite iPad Fanboy

Ari publishes a tell-all interview with AdExchanger! ¬†Finally confessing his love for gmail and free food! ¬†I knew it! ¬†“I love Google” – that one will be debated by pundits this sunday on “Meet the Press.”

Be the last to know!

Ari Paparo has left Google for Nielsen! It’s tricky to confirm, I did a search on Nielsen.com and there’s no mention of Ari – for shame! ¬†No press releases or anything.. thankfully, a tweet tells it all. ¬†However, I saw him in AdAge this AM and in tons of on-line rags ¬†Since DoubleClick paid for that head shot, we should Nielsen an invoice.. Congrats on the new gig Ari.

Current & Former Clickers on a panel

Kathryn Koegel (former) will be moderating a panel with Ari Paparo (current) on it at next weeks DPAC.. the snippet:

Not sure if you’re coming to DPAC III next week. The panel I’m moderating should be interesting and the content is both useful and provocative. Hope you can make it. All attendees get access to the 25 page whitepaper I’ve been working on for some time now…

11:45am: The State of Digital Display: A Non-Partisan Approach to Marketplace Trends: In the spirit of the current political scenario, a non-partisan approach to what is actually going on in the marketplace. There are lots of trade media reports of the death of display, but as of yet, no other viable revenue model for content online. Is this death greatly exaggerated?¬† Is the state of display more of a transition in terms of formats and measurement? If display is to thrive as an ad format, what should the industry be doing to increase its viability and effectiveness? We hear from the leading companies that have the data to show what actually is going on out there. Who’s spending what and where? Trends in ad effectiveness. Trends in pricing models. How does clutter effect performance. What ad types and sizes are gaining and losing. Prescriptions for seeing us out of the current crisis.
Moderator: Kathryn Koegel, Principal, Primary Impact
Lynn Bolger, EVP Advertiser Services, comScore
Ari Paparo, Group Product Manager, Advertiser Products, Google
John Chandler-Pepelnjak, Director, Atlas Institute, Microsoft Advertising
Jon Gibs, VP Media Analytics, Nielsen Online
Ken Mallon, SVP, Custom Solutions & Ad Effectiveness Consulting, Dynamic Logic
Kyle Johnson, Director of Media Products, Compete


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