AppNexus gets some Paine!

Brandon Paine, that is.  VP Global Accounts, impressive!  Brandon left the Goog-mothership for this role, all the best to him!

If it looks like an Ari and sounds like an Ari, it must be an Ari..

Ari on the new AppNexus AppExchange.  With him, Michael, and Patrick S there, they have a mini-reunion 24/7.

The Nexus (+) One

The folks over at AppNexus, including, but not limited to (I know I’m overlooking someone) Ari & Mike Rubenstein just added another heavy hitter: Matt Haies. The former DoubleClick counsel is now GC over there, a great hire for them and a great opportunity for Matt. Matt’s wife, Jen Ladenburger, is still prospering at Google 🙂

Reunited at a DSP

Ari & Mike Rubenstein – reunited!  Ari joined AppNexus as head of Product.. it ain’t twitter, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.