Watching a video of Brian Kane explaining AdMeld to a bunch of Googlers.. this story is so interwoven, I don’t know the right word to describe.  Great to have Brian, Joe, and Nicole Pruess back in the fold!!

More Clickers becoming Melders

Joe Pedro, old-school Clicker, joined AdMeld too!  I can’t believe I sifted that one out from my endless emails.  Although the title makes me curious:

Joe Pedro, 40, joined as director of quality of service, a newly created position. He had been director of ad operations at Peer 39.

Director of Quality of Service?  I don’t recall Joe ever working for Mehdi 🙂

A minor re-union at AdMeld

AdMeld, which has been Brian Kane’s new haunt now for a while, just added another strong ex-Clicker.  Nicole Pruess, who left Google UK a while back, spending some time at Adify, has landed at AdMeld.  Great for both of them.  I’m a big Nicole fan, but she’s way more fun in person, than her photo would lead you believe 😉

Kane strikes it rich! Ad Optimizer AdMeld Raises $8 Million

With Brian Kane now on board, AdMeld is a great place to invest, congrats to them for picking up some nice fundage!  Ad Optimizer AdMeld Raises $8 Million, Opens UK Operations.

BK officially lands

Brian Kane, long-time and well-regarded Clicker, landed at AdMeld.