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DoubleClick Mafia – love that one

Forbes has a video interview with Jeremy Levine who mentions the east coast DoubleClick Mafia (1:30ish mark) – west coast is eBay.  He cites Mongo, Gilt, Business Insider – but those are all from KR!  How about Catchpoint, AppNexus, Nielsen (wait, did Ari not start that?), AdMeld (perhaps), you get the point..

Tapad’ing it!

Putting the band back together over at Tapad.  Recently added Ben (other Ben) Regensburger and most recently, Dave Fall!  Dave leading Ops and their GM.  Ben leading intl expansion.. if they could come up with a basic messaging service and VR glasses, their valuation would skyrocket!

I still have it and use it..

5-year anniversary gift..

Tiffany Money Clip!

Tiffany Money Clip!

Flock of Clickers to become Comcasters?

Just back from a run and see FreeWheel may be bought by Comcast?  $350MM?  I don’t know the financials, hope that’s a generous multiple..  many ex-Clickers there, starting with Doug and Jon and on down.. congrats!

Ralf is no longer Glam-orous



Former Clicker, Ralf Hirt, has lost his glamorous side, moving over to attribution shop, HasOffers.  Good luck Ralf!

DR talking teamwork!

Good read from the NYT about DR and his latest venture, 1stdibs.

sorry, that URL is no longer active, a/k/a 404=DFP

After, oh, 5 years or so – DFP is dead.  The IE “friendly” DFP version is now no more.  It kept growing, like a weed, until the very end, but it ended like in the manner is lived it – robust and reliable.

After many left the room for DFPs last breaths.. only Garrett was allowed to remain and hold its hand, in the “data room hospice” in Thornton that had been setup.  The hard drives were searched and scanned and a small will & testament was found.

To all the people that built me and kept me alive and growing, I thank you.  I tried to live my live with the same zeal and dedication as those who were responsible for my care and feeding.  From Vlad, my Dr. Frankenstein, to Mehdi, for being my primary care attendant for so many great years, to Garrett, my hospice worker these past few years.  While I know I was appreciated during my life, please don’t feel regret for letting me expire – I lived a great life, enjoying being the best in my era, well except for that DOS mess – but that was Ferrelli’s fault for not securing the network.  But I digress.  I came and I delivered.. trillions, so you should all feel good for being a part of the era in which I dominated.  And even though I was really about 14 separate apps and systems, to the outside world, it was one glorious and harmonious code base.  As I depart for the next world, I’ll be watching my successor and all of you, and I expect my progeny to be 10x better, faster and adored by customers – don’t let my life be the high water mark!



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Brian “Skip” Schipper, from HR, now we’re talking way back machine, is heading to Twitter..

More funding for Catchpoint!

Way to go Mehdi & team!  Series B

Eras come to ends

I’ve been a bit behind in posts, but here’s a few updates worth sharing:


  • After more years than I can count, Jocelyn Hayashi has left Google.. she’ll land someplace nearby soon!
  • Erin Wayman, via Falk, is also leaving soon for a new role, also in the “business”
  • Larry Adams, formerly of Performics, has returned!  As PM back with Google
  • Bryan Eisenberg, the man who took SiteAdvance from nothing to nothing with headcount.. and DART Adapt from nothing to a product that people knew, but didn’t buy (haha) – has left for greener pastures of Yieldex

If I think of other updates, I’ll post them too..