Crosspost: Counting Discrepancies

Real good post from our friends at Catchpoint.. These, seemingly, innocous JS/Script SRC files give other people a look at your customers, but can add a healthy performance hit as well…

Not quite a reunion, but..

Looks like the gang over at FreeWheel are collaborating with the YouYTube folks..

YouTube FreeWheel Ad-Server Test Could Draw CBS, Warner – Advertising Age – Digital.

KR claims the VC ATM is working, well.

Couldn’t help but notice this.. Kevin makes you want to start requesting term sheets today..

DM scores with a DB

Dwight and Kevin have released something a little unexpected, IMO at least.  An pen source non-relational database :

I took a look and it looks pretty cool.  I don’t have the time to download, kick the tires and write a review, but perhaps another day.

Good luck!

DoubleClick tech goes open

One of the most interesting things I learned recently was that a few of the long-time DoubleClickers:, Jeremy Hinds and Allister Lam had taken their homegrown shell tools, known as CRUSH, and taken it open source!  Google’s support for open source and Google Code site provide the necessary backdrop to do such.

Congrats to Allister and Jeremy (and the others)