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Happy Anniversary!

Maybe not what you expected, but 10 years ago today, a number of us slept on the floor on the 16th floor of 450 W. 33rd as it was the biggest blackout in NYC history.  Some memories:

  • After about an hour or so, the toilets stopped working, as they worked on electric pumps
  • Ted Dill and some others went out and got us chinese food.  No elevators worked, so they had to work down & up 16 flights.  You don’t forget those little things
  • We needed to use our Blackberries as flashlights in the stairwells, no lights
  • I slept on a yoga mat in the board room.  It was quiet and cooler – as it was away from the exterior.
  • It was hot and muggy, not ideal weather to have no A/C
  • A handful of us walked to midtown the next morning and took a bus to Westchester, where Nadia’s (engineer) husband drove us home
  • My house had electric within a few hours, so my family had food, A/C, light and power.  In 450, we had phones.

It wasn’t even that horrible at the time.. but it all contributes to a wealth of lifetime memories for the time with DCLK.

MUST SEE video: DoubleClick Orientation!

Huge credit to Dana Teplitsky, she shared a copy of this classic video of DoubleClick New Hire Orientation, in all its glory.  There are cameos from many famous faces and then KO delivers the goods for the remaining chunk of time.

A giant pit in my stomach

I knew this was coming, but when it came, it was no less of a blow.  Paul Loughran, a Clicker who has been around a few years, running our support teams in Dublin, has passed away.  It was a multi-year battle with cancer, but this recent return was just too much.  Paul was a quiet, and really nice guy, with a wife and 3 kids, his youngest having just turned 1.  I was in Dublin a few years back for our annual services audit, and despite having been out sick for months, Paul insisted on coming into the office to meet with the auditor and be a part of the team and process.  That was just the kind of guy he was.  Quiet, unassuming, but totally focused on the work being top-notch.  He was a supportive people manager and a good collaborator from across the globe – it was hard to find anyone who just plain ‘ol didn’t like working with Paul.. I flat-out liked Paul.

A funeral is being held this week and there’s work underway for some sort of education fund, I’ll post that as soon as I get any details.

Rest in peace Paul.

2+ more moves

1) Jeannie Gamon, who was heading up sales in the UK has decided to shove off.  I also heard the entire APAC sales team has given their notice.. those details are still trickling in.  I actually worked, for a little bit, with Jeannie in a prior company.  Full details in this piece

2) Anyone who ever worked at 33rd & 10th had a meal at the Cheyenne Diner.  Well, after a bunch of attempts to sell it and move it, it literally was picked up and is being moved! Thanks to Linda Orlando for the tip!

Cheyenne Diner getting moved!