Clicker to Jobs.. “Suck it!”

Kathryn Koegel may not know what the hell the LOST finale was all about.. or how to calculate pi to the 10th decimal point, but advertising — she knows a thing or two about that.  And wastes no time telling Herr Jobs how little he knows with their iAd creation.

Well said Kathryn.. Apple’s attempts to own and control all facets of their closed ecosystem (with heavy doses of lock-in!) are just horrifying.

Saw this on the NYT today

Seems like just yesterday, the FTC and EMEA version had us in a one year purgatory.  Google has been the best thing, for the legal profession, as it has created an endless amount of work for lawyers.


As another clicker has left to go to googler pastures, I guess it’s worth a roll call for ex-click googlers:  Most recently, Geoffrey Borggaard, joining Tom Fochetta, Dave Perron, Rob McDonald, and others?

Knock Knock?!

What could Google be thinking?  Rich media is a messy place and they want to jump in??