Hooklogic hooks a Clicker

Hooklogic, native ad:tech start-up has hired on Fran Ryan!  Great hire for them.  Last I saw Fran, he had his own huddle on 10 in the port authority building, greener pastures came a calling apparently.

Thoughts with Chris (a/k/a wish I’d been a character witness)

I was trolling around my phone this evening, and came across a new piece that mentioned David Rosenblatt, so I clicked into it.  The story was that Chris Saridakis had been sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role as an insider trader.  My heart sank.  As much as I appreciate that Chris admitted it and was contrite, I can’t help but think – what a nice guy, how did this happen?  A momentary mistake, a small lapse in judgement, and a guy that most liked and only thought well of, goes to jail.

I recalled for my wife my history with Chris.

  • While working at Hachette, Chris and Gian were my first account reps.  I really liked them, and they turned me into a huge fan of DoubleClick
  • When I was at Phase2Media and we learned, it was going under, the very first email I sent was to Chris, letting him know, I’d soon be a free agent.
  • At a time when DoubleClick was doing regular layoffs, Chris brought me in.  It was a dark time in my life and I’ll never be able to think of anything about Chris other than what a great guy he was, loyal, generous, and there when I needed it.

My thoughts are with Chris and his family.. I know he’ll make friends in prison, I hope he gets out in 10 minutes for good behavior.

David talks to Forbes

Good interview with David & Forbes.  Boy, this quote sums it up nicely:

“In the years before we took the company private, we had diversified into a number of business that were unrelated to our core service of managing digital advertising for buyers and sellers.

Our primary strategy after 2005 was to reverse that diversification and focus intensely on the core business. Once we did that, we realized that we had the opportunity to add new business, but we did so in a smarter way and in areas that were truly adjacent to the core business.”

Editor in chief moved on..

For anyone curious or keeping track, Ben (editor in chief) of this blog and Twitter account has left the G and relocated to @Medallia.  It’s a great company focusing on helping companies better listen to their customers.   Lots of hiring going on, so ping me if you’re interested in talking!  Reminds me lots of DCLK in its heyday – great people focused on helping customers and winning in the market.

FWIW, At DoubleClick, we brought in Satmetrix to be our “CEM” (customer experience management) tool.  Satmetrix left lots to be desired, Medallia has a way better “mouse trap.”

Super happy with my decision, will keep the posts coming..

BKane = King Midas

In what has to be mythology in tech, Brian Kane has now been bought by Google 2x and Facebook 1x.  You can’t make this shit up.  Facebook bought LiveRail.  Congrats to Brian!

PubMatic Acquires Ad Serving Company Mocean Mobile

Why am I posting this?  Frank O’Donnell works there

Tapad’ing it!

Putting the band back together over at Tapad.  Recently added Ben (other Ben) Regensburger and most recently, Dave Fall!  Dave leading Ops and their GM.  Ben leading intl expansion.. if they could come up with a basic messaging service and VR glasses, their valuation would skyrocket!

Flock of Clickers to become Comcasters?

Just back from a run and see FreeWheel may be bought by Comcast?  $350MM?  I don’t know the financials, hope that’s a generous multiple..  many ex-Clickers there, starting with Doug and Jon and on down.. congrats!

Ralf is no longer Glam-orous



Former Clicker, Ralf Hirt, has lost his glamorous side, moving over to attribution shop, HasOffers.  Good luck Ralf!

DR talking teamwork!

Good read from the NYT about DR and his latest venture, 1stdibs.