You can go home again?

Rumors from WSJ that Google looking at 450 W. 33rd  St.  That address sounds familiar.  I hope the basketball court is still there and that the eatery in the basement is not.

I still have it and use it..

5-year anniversary gift..

Tiffany Money Clip!

Tiffany Money Clip!

Happy Anniversary!

Maybe not what you expected, but 10 years ago today, a number of us slept on the floor on the 16th floor of 450 W. 33rd as it was the biggest blackout in NYC history.  Some memories:

  • After about an hour or so, the toilets stopped working, as they worked on electric pumps
  • Ted Dill and some others went out and got us chinese food.  No elevators worked, so they had to work down & up 16 flights.  You don’t forget those little things
  • We needed to use our Blackberries as flashlights in the stairwells, no lights
  • I slept on a yoga mat in the board room.  It was quiet and cooler – as it was away from the exterior.
  • It was hot and muggy, not ideal weather to have no A/C
  • A handful of us walked to midtown the next morning and took a bus to Westchester, where Nadia’s (engineer) husband drove us home
  • My house had electric within a few hours, so my family had food, A/C, light and power.  In 450, we had phones.

It wasn’t even that horrible at the time.. but it all contributes to a wealth of lifetime memories for the time with DCLK.

DCLK: $268 to $11

I was emailing someone and decided to see if I could find the DCLK stock and when it went off a cliff.  2000.  It went from $268 to $11 in less than a year.  But it was hard to find more robust data, but this tells some of the story.   If anyone knows how to get a more robust dataset, let me know, I’d like to grab a chart or two.


OK, this was way worse

Good call B. Kane

The BIG outage of 2000

Found these hiding..


I lost my yo-yo

What was the famous annual letter?

Was it KO on MLK?  Anyone have a copy, would love to post it.

Found this while cleaning the office.. amazing that I had it!


Ari Haikus going viral!

Ari started a trend yesterday.. haiku hashtag.  Things must be slow at AppNexus 🙂

Funny stuff: