Thoughts with Chris (a/k/a wish I’d been a character witness)

I was trolling around my phone this evening, and came across a new piece that mentioned David Rosenblatt, so I clicked into it.  The story was that Chris Saridakis had been sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role as an insider trader.  My heart sank.  As much as I appreciate that Chris admitted it and was contrite, I can’t help but think – what a nice guy, how did this happen?  A momentary mistake, a small lapse in judgement, and a guy that most liked and only thought well of, goes to jail.

I recalled for my wife my history with Chris.

  • While working at Hachette, Chris and Gian were my first account reps.  I really liked them, and they turned me into a huge fan of DoubleClick
  • When I was at Phase2Media and we learned, it was going under, the very first email I sent was to Chris, letting him know, I’d soon be a free agent.
  • At a time when DoubleClick was doing regular layoffs, Chris brought me in.  It was a dark time in my life and I’ll never be able to think of anything about Chris other than what a great guy he was, loyal, generous, and there when I needed it.

My thoughts are with Chris and his family.. I know he’ll make friends in prison, I hope he gets out in 10 minutes for good behavior.