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After, oh, 5 years or so – DFP is dead.  The IE “friendly” DFP version is now no more.  It kept growing, like a weed, until the very end, but it ended like in the manner is lived it – robust and reliable.

After many left the room for DFPs last breaths.. only Garrett was allowed to remain and hold its hand, in the “data room hospice” in Thornton that had been setup.  The hard drives were searched and scanned and a small will & testament was found.

To all the people that built me and kept me alive and growing, I thank you.  I tried to live my live with the same zeal and dedication as those who were responsible for my care and feeding.  From Vlad, my Dr. Frankenstein, to Mehdi, for being my primary care attendant for so many great years, to Garrett, my hospice worker these past few years.  While I know I was appreciated during my life, please don’t feel regret for letting me expire – I lived a great life, enjoying being the best in my era, well except for that DOS mess – but that was Ferrelli’s fault for not securing the network.  But I digress.  I came and I delivered.. trillions, so you should all feel good for being a part of the era in which I dominated.  And even though I was really about 14 separate apps and systems, to the outside world, it was one glorious and harmonious code base.  As I depart for the next world, I’ll be watching my successor and all of you, and I expect my progeny to be 10x better, faster and adored by customers – don’t let my life be the high water mark!