More funding for Catchpoint!

Way to go Mehdi & team!  Series B

Eras come to ends

I’ve been a bit behind in posts, but here’s a few updates worth sharing:


  • After more years than I can count, Jocelyn Hayashi has left Google.. she’ll land someplace nearby soon!
  • Erin Wayman, via Falk, is also leaving soon for a new role, also in the “business”
  • Larry Adams, formerly of Performics, has returned!  As PM back with Google
  • Bryan Eisenberg, the man who took SiteAdvance from nothing to nothing with headcount.. and DART Adapt from nothing to a product that people knew, but didn’t buy (haha) – has left for greener pastures of Yieldex

If I think of other updates, I’ll post them too..