Chip off the old Mogul

2-time Clicker, Chip Scovic, has left Google to run revenue at TubeMogul.  He’d left DCLK to go to Yahoo and ended up at Teracent, so returned via acquisition to Google.  And chapter 2 is now closed.  Not to worry, his wife Regan is still with GOOG.

AppNexus gets some Paine!

Brandon Paine, that is.  VP Global Accounts, impressive!  Brandon left the Goog-mothership for this role, all the best to him!

Starting a little BV reunion

I took notice this week that now 3 Clickers have landed over at BazaarVoice, ok, make that 4!  And I’m probably missing others.

  • Ari Paparo
  • Denise Zaraya, recent add on PM side
  • CEO Stephen Collins
  • Newly hired sales VP, Jesse Cozart

And they might not be done yet 🙂

addendum: I forgot Jen Franchetti and Michael Zung