A decade!

Took me 10 years to work for a decade with a single company, but I made it.  I don’t know exactly what to say about it, a few things come to mind:

  • Those daily-heath checks.. man, they were always fun/funny.  But they were a daily reminder of the committent to the mission
  • All those weird acquisition.. Smartpath?  Ensemble?  Good people and, probably good products, but wow, were they black sheep
  • My first day, I walked into the board room on 16, it was the beginning of the last employee orientation for a very long time
  • Bruce Dalziel, a funny guy, trying to explain why wall street wasn’t impressed that we could cut our expenses faster than our revenues were slowing
  • The 16th floor basketball court – hope Marvin Atkins is doing well somewhere.
  • That awful food court in the basement.. wow, that place sucked.
  • The night I slept there during the blackout
  • 9/11 from the 10th floor
  • We make marketing work better
  • And, the people – many of whom I still connect with regularly and who power this industry.