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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

  • i'm a little flattered and tired of everyone calling themselves the "doubleclick of.." mobile, video, blah. first deliver, then claim it #
  • @esanders and the bay area wishes you were here.. well, not me… the other bay area residents in reply to esanders #
  • got a spotify invite and i didn't even need to call in old favor from @jpavley who works there.. but it would have been nice! 🙂 #

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Alum in need of DART guru

Deb Josephs, former HR, needs a DART guru for a ~1 quarter project.

If you are interested, please visit http://corporate.everydayhealth.com/careers.aspx  and submit your resume for this position.

Shipin’ over to Groupon

Here at Google, losing someone to Groupon isn’t a shocker.  I was, pleasantly, surprised to see that old HR Clicker Brian Schipper is now at Groupon too!  Heading up their HR.  Pre-IPO, not a bad time to jump on board 😉

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Mehdi's original goodbye note – man, this is a tear jerker if there ever was one! http://t.co/ZGxRAvf #
  • kevin ryan in a long WSJ piece about some of his big new successes & bubbles http://t.co/unMjW5b #

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