Solve is trying to Solve something..

Stu Libby is now over at SolveMedia, who got a nice piece in AdWeek today.

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-29

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ex-Clicker talking about – eek- Ballmer

Andrew LaVallee, former Clicker, who has been with the WSJ for years, is in Asia, talking about Microsoft and some other APAC developments.

The Nexus (+) One

The folks over at AppNexus, including, but not limited to (I know I’m overlooking someone) Ari & Mike Rubenstein just added another heavy hitter: Matt Haies. The former DoubleClick counsel is now GC over there, a great hire for them and a great opportunity for Matt. Matt’s wife, Jen Ladenburger, is still prospering at Google 🙂

KR about the blood-letting fun days at DCLK!

Get a job with Narrative Science, will feel like a mini-reunion

Larry Adams, Rory, Stuart Frankel and more await your companionship!  Some good looking roles:

  • VP of engineering in Chicago []
  • Sales Exec to work with Rory in NYC []

Serving up a job in the kitchen

Media Kitchen, that is. Really good looking role for someone from DCLK.

Ari bringing truths!

Ari has a long post, lots of truths in advertising here.. David Ogilvy would be proud.

KR on his building more than investing

I didn’t see that coming.


AdSafe & GCI updates

hey, i’m real busy today – it’s bike to work day and all 🙂  But 2 newsworthy stories:

1) Scott Knoll – moving from Datran media to AdSafe (this can’t be a good sign for Datran, but I don’t want to speculate too much)

2) Group Commerce lassos more ducats!  $10MM to be exact