Schraer rolling in it

Marc Schraer, Jersey Shore regular, and former Clicker, left a while back to head to Visible Measures.. They just secured a real nice funding round, good luck!

Deja Vu All Over Again..

The recent outage with Amazon might have seemed like the first real hiccup of the cloud.. but we’ve been living with the cloud for many years and over 10 years ago, DoubleClick had a cloud hiccup too.  Mehdi was there, so he remembers.  I was a customer then and remember talking with Bob Linksy on the phone afterwards.. I also remember scrambling as we took the tags down from all our publisher sites..  ahh, good times.

Email and more..

My former HR Partner, Cathy Hawley, has been at ReturnPath for years.. a few months back, long-time clicker, Jane Ritter, joined ReturnPath too.. I’ve known about this, but hadn’t posted, mostly since I don’t have a real system and just post shit.  And Ken Takahashi has also been there for a long time.

Also, Naomi Kagan (I forgot who told me this) finally got wise and departed Atlas/Microsoft and is now at start-up Mixpo.

Lastly, the poor folks at Epsilon – and there are many – have been having an un-fun April, dealing with the barrage of press surrounding their unauthorized system access.. I know I’ve gotten emails from 10+ companies alerting me about the incident.

Ones I’ve missed

Some good ol-Clickers who left that I missed.. probably known by all by now:

  1. Steve Dove went to Spain to be top digital dog for Prisa TV
  2. Ravi Kodali, former DFP Pre-Sales rep landed at YuMe, on the PM side.  He joins ex-Clicker Gian Lombardi, who has been there for a few years

David speaks about Group Commerce

Listening sort of made me sad that I don’t get to hear him more often.

Get to work with Avi, via Craig

All roads begin at

  • Publisher Development Manager (Sales) – this is an individual contributor role based in the NYC office of Undertone.  Minimum of 2 years of digital media sales/buying/support experience.
  • Flash / ActionScript Developer – this position is based in the NYC office of Undertone.  Minimum of 2+ years of experience with Flash and ActionScript in a client/server architecture.
  • Head of Product Development – this position is based in the NYC office of Proclivity Systems. Partner with leadership and development teams to establish a clear, consistent and market-based product strategy and roadmap.

A glossary only online people would love

I made a glossary for media, by vertical – consider this a public service.

TV: 1 term, GRPs.

Online: 4,097 terms.  Thankfully, Kathryn has a current blast of the 2011 “hot” acronyms.  Move Over RTBs, the Hot Term of 2011 Is the AMP | Special: Audience Buying Guide – Advertising Age.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

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A great practical joke..

I wasn’t there, but wish I had been.. Apparently at todays Daily Heath Check meeting, Mehdi dialed in.. Since he’s been gone for 2+ years, it’s pretty funny; but I’m sure some folks remained nervous as he told them of the issues he needed resolution on 🙂