More Clickers becoming Melders

Joe Pedro, old-school Clicker, joined AdMeld too!  I can’t believe I sifted that one out from my endless emails.  Although the title makes me curious:

Joe Pedro, 40, joined as director of quality of service, a newly created position. He had been director of ad operations at Peer 39.

Director of Quality of Service?  I don’t recall Joe ever working for Mehdi 🙂

Paparo Joins AppNexus; Discusses Finding the Loo

Paparo Joins AppNexus; Discusses New Product Leadership Role.. and I doubt he can hack together much C, AppNexus engineers, you may relax now.

Reunited at a DSP

Ari & Mike Rubenstein – reunited!  Ari joined AppNexus as head of Product.. it ain’t twitter, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Filthy potty talk

Not the kind for my boys.. Kathryn Koegel wrote this piece, and the chart alone is worth reviewing.

Group Commerce, gonna be big!

And it’s already full of ex-Clickers.. and it’s out of “stealthy” mode.. (good word).  DR, Andrew Glenn, Jonty Kelt, some guy named Eric Sanders.. a whole cast of characters.

This is a picture of Eric’s dog, Josh.  I couldn’t find a good pic of Eric.

DR investing in Tapad

I can’t catalog all of DR’s investments, nor can i discern what this company exactly does, but it has lots of buzzwords! cloud, RTB, cross-device – excellent!

A minor re-union at AdMeld

AdMeld, which has been Brian Kane’s new haunt now for a while, just added another strong ex-Clicker.  Nicole Pruess, who left Google UK a while back, spending some time at Adify, has landed at AdMeld.  Great for both of them.  I’m a big Nicole fan, but she’s way more fun in person, than her photo would lead you believe 😉

OMMA = a giant DCLK reunion (ok, not giant)

I headed up to OMMA for a few hours today and was dizzy from running into a bunch of ex-Clickers, in a short time frame too!  Marc Schraer, Yeddiah, and Eric Kirby..