TypeKit is hiring!

Addendum:  While Typekit is headquartered in SF, they run a distributed team and are looking for the best people wherever they reside. Here are their job postings –http://typekit.com/jobs. And, for sales specifically, they are looking to hire someone with software as a service sales experience in New York – http://typekit.jobscore.com/jobs/typekit/sales/b75IN-8NKr36p0eJe4bk1X

An ex-Googler, now at TypeKit,  reached out and asked me to post this, my lives cross!  Their main focus is NY sales, preferrably with a software/tech background.

Sounds like an interesting place!

Typekit is a fast-growning, venture-funded company based in San Francisco, and we’re hiring. We have revenue, a business model, and a plan for how to change the web. The company was founded in 2008 by some of the industry’s most experienced designers and developers with the goal of advancing what’s possible on the web. The team we’re building continues to reflect that. Would you like to join us?

We are a startup and move very quickly. The gap between your ideas and their launch in our product will be shorter than anywhere else. And we’re an increasingly distributed team, so you can work from pretty much anywhere — though our new office in the Mission district is incredibly cool.