Stuffing a Jewish guy into a stocking?

Twitter did the needful and stuffed Rosenblatt into their stocking, i.e. Board.  Adding $200MM in cold hard cash doesn’t hurt either!

Senor Blanco is hiring – in Denver!

Former clicker, Shawn White, a/k/a Senor Blanco, is back in Denver, heading up a team for Photobucket.  They are hiring!

Here are the roles they are looking for:

-Product Manager (Denver or San Fran)
-Online Ad Trafficker (Denver or San Fran)
-Director of Marketing (Denver)
-Product Manager – Advertising (Denver or San Fran)
-Product Manager, Mobile (San Fran)
-Director Business Development (Denver)
-Vice President Product Management (Denver)

Photobucket is going strong, has lots of $ in the bank and is a super fun place to work. You’d be working with Shawn White, who could ask for more?!?!?

Here’s the link to look at the details: