The tell all: Nielsen, GRPs, and more, with our favorite iPad Fanboy

Ari publishes a tell-all interview with AdExchanger!  Finally confessing his love for gmail and free food!  I knew it!  “I love Google” – that one will be debated by pundits this sunday on “Meet the Press.”

Koegel researching it for AdAge

Ex Clicker and former Director of Research & Industry Dev addresses the untold sins of online advertising in a 25 page report in Ad Age this week.  AND…she opens with a reference to what Kevin O and Dwight did to the media world…

Building Brand Online: Best Practices in a DR-Driven Medium


Sometimes I just need to catch up with people who have left and share the bittersweet news..

1. Marc Schraer – He headed to Visible Measures a few months back, did I report that?  Not sure.  Well, here’s a press release.

2. Pam Russo is BACK!  She got hired back to Google as a tech recruiting lead, in NY.  Welcome back Pam

3. Matt Haies has left the building.  He has some exciting plans, more to come, but it’s a start-up of his own, so he’s not landing at some other shop.