This post = doubleverified

Eoin Townsend signs on as SVP over at DoubleVerify.

Paul Loughran Education Fund info

I’ve had a number of requests for this.  With the sad passing of former DoubleClick Dublin Support Manager, Paul Loughran, we’ve put together some ways to help make donations for his 3 childrens education fund.

We are often reminded of the importance of giving back, helping those less fortunate, and going above and beyond at every possible opportunity. Here we have an opportunity to do something meaningful for Paul’s children; Connor 9, Ryan 7, and Michael 1.

Paypal, email to: loughran-education-fund {at} google(.)com

Permuto is now Buysight

Naveep’s shop has a new name and some new cash!!  (although his name isn’t on the site.. hmm)

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

  • my buddy called. stuck in charlotte, with no jets game on local tv. i let him use my slingbox to watch. man, i'm a good bud. go NE!! #nfl #

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AdCopy has been Libby-erated to Solve Media

Stu Libby’s shop, same management, new name.  Solve Media.  Interesting idea, check it out.

O’Connor is smart

He admits it in todays NY Times

A Clicker/Customer Down Under

Just swapped emails with long-time APACer – Jon Moffat.  He’s now the head of ad ops for Fairfax Digital, they are now a customer 🙂  His AIM name, morebeerjon, remains working..

The news that’s fit to post

Reading the news this AM, came across a few pieces highlighting alums:

  • Rubenstein and Ellenthal look to be having an impromptu reunion over at AppNexus and Pier39.
  • Jonathan Shapiro has an op-ed like piece on the future of advertising.  I’ll never forget him making me and some other clickers repeat after him, “we make marketing work better” (or something like that).  He was CSO then and helping us build up the hairball of pieces – smartpath, ensemble, and many more.  Not to blame him, just guilt by association 😉

A Start-Up Video, with Dwight

Ran across this, go Dwight.

New York Startup Weekend – Dwight Merriman from Wesley Ross on Vimeo.

The Official Rick Bruner Post

Rick loves cats and research. He can now scratch one of those itches for MTV, officially.  Also, publisher yield managers and DSPs have become a treasure trove of ex-Clickers.. my unofficial tally:

  • AppNexus – Mike Rubenstein
  • AdMeld – Brian Kane
  • Pubmatic – Andrew Rutledge and Susie Roach
  • Rubicon – Kurt Spoerer

UPDATE: I missed 1/2 the free world apparently, thanks to Steve & Ari, starting to round out the list.