Wanna be a CTO?

Craig Collins, former DCLK recruiter, popped this one over to me to post..

Location – Manhattan
Title – CTO reporting to the CEO
Compensation – Base salary + equity
Required Skill Set – Experience designing, developing and managing computational advertising platforms

email craig: craig {at} casearch(.)net

Rob McD – ex-Clickr/Googlr – now Scribr

Good luck to Rob in his new gig..


  • KO has a new venture.. http://www.findthebest.com/http:/%252Fwww.findthebest.com/our-team.  But, yea, he’s an ooooold departure.
  • Ari Paparo is moving on as well – it’s not a well kept secret, so you probably know all about this by now.
  • There was a mini-Clicker reunion a few weeks ago.  I went to Eric Steins for his new sons Bris, and ran into Jon Heller there… small world!

Catching up with Catchpoint

Mehdi.  There’s your introduction.

Last week (ok, 2 weeks ago, I’m a little behind), I caught up with Mehdi.  He was nice enough to give me a go-to meeting demo of his new company and their flagship product, Catchpoint.  Mehdi and a number of other ex-Clickers work there and advise there.  It’s a real bootstrapped operation, but Mehdi may be trying his hand at a little fund-raising too.  But Mehdi walked me through the product, and man it’s cool.  It’s feature-rich, but does the easy things easily, and, without being an expert in monitoring systems, looks like it has all the goods.  Every single use case or question or feature I threw at Mehdi, he needed 1-2 clicks and there I was – in a diganostic tool, a graph or report, a customization screen; you name it.  It’s so cool, Mehdi now has some press out there – here’s a recent interview he conducted.

I know I speak for anyone who ever worked with Mehdi, when I say that I wish him all the best in his new venture.. I’ll be passing along all the leads I can – you should too!

A handful of jobs from ex-Clicker

Craig Collins recruited at DCLK, and now does it on his own.. he has some interesting roles worth sharing.

Mehdi’s watching.. so don’t let your servers go down!

Amazon enjoyed a little hiccup – BURP – and went off-line for a while.  The omniscient QoS dog pound, over at Catchpoint, got all the gory details.. with real data, not just my mom’s whiny emails.