Another Yahoo Jumps Ship: Bill Wise Is Out

Another Yahoo Jumps Ship: Bill Wise Is Out.  ex-Clicker moving on!

Avi in advertising

Avi Singer, now Director of OD at Undertone, is in their new ad campaign (as seen in AdAge print) – reminds us all of that DoubleClick campaign a bit, no?

From Drop Box

Saridakis punts from the paper!

Chris is moving on from Gannett..

and oh yea – a cool gig!

I’m not an economist, but hiring is up!

Another post with some cool-sounding jobs.. hit up Craig Collins (ex-Clicker) craig@casearch.    net for follow-up!

  • Ruby Developer – telecommute
  • Java Developer – Manhattan
  • Senior Systems Engineer – Manhattan
  • VP of Finance – Manhattan
  • VP of Sales – Manhattan