DataXu officially reels in the big honkin’ Golus

DataXu Expands Team, adding Steve Golus to their roster. Quite a match!  Good luck Steve.  I hope their brussel sprouts are delicious!

DoubleClick “Welcomes you to Silicon Alley”

Is this the best picture out there?

Welcome to Silicon Alley

Welcome to Silicon Alley

Guilty about Gilt

The Gilt team. I knew Kevin was behind it, and after reading about them in a recent BusinessWeek, I checked out the site. Dwight had invited me “over the wall.” I checked out the exec team and sure enough, Melanie Hughes was the head of HR. I dress way too casual to ever work there, and even browsing the site, I felt lost. But, luckily for them, the rest of the free world, loves what they do.

Only 1/100?!?

Silicon Alley has it’s latest Top 100… there’s just one ex-Clicker that I could find, way to go Court. I guess they left off KR due to conflicts, but nobody else? DR?

They pulled the Gol-ie!

Steve Golus, “Gol-ie” has landed at DataXu and a more perfect union is hard to imagine.  Congrats Steve.

A reunion down at the Waterfront

A few months ago, I caught up with Dave Adams (he and I are overdue for another, but that notwithstanding), who is now over at Waterfront Media.  And then last night I got an email that Deb (do I need to call her Deborah?  She, technically, can’t fire me any longer, so maybe I should just keep it) Josephs had also joined Waterfront Media, as SVP HR – congrats to Deb!

Update: OK, my facts were stale, Dave split Waterfront.. back to CBS?  Nope, he went to VEVO.

Speaking of ex-Clicker reunions.. Over at Datran Media, Norm Page, Scott Knoll, and Johanna Shalhoub are all employed..

Lastly, Ari is now a total A-lister.. nice press here for the YouTube monetization success story


I caught wind today that Steve Cohn, formerly of DoubleClick business operations (he worked for Neal & Chris, as memory serves), is now over at Quantcast.. I did about :30 worth of research and noticed that David is on their advisory board. That’s cool..

The Kirbster, the thought-leader

Eric Kirby will be delivering a preso on email marketing. He’s now a thought-leader, which I’d agree with. I was just talking with Eric a few weeks ago, just catching up, glad to see the success he continues to enjoy.

Permuto Launches Active Shopper Report

Permuto Launches Active Shopper Report Revealing Top 20 Products for 2009.   Navdeep and his company sharing some insights..

A few updates worth your time..

Now that the Ari Paparo hub-bub has quieted down…

  • Peggy Jean-Louis was on the CBS morning show, getting smooched by Adam Lambert.. woah!
  • Reunited and it feels so good!  Assaf Alster has reunited with Chris Young, Rick, and recently departed Todd Barrish over at Digital Broadcasting Group.. good luck Assaf, I’m happy for you (and happy you’re not at EW or PR 🙂
  • Chris Henger is leaving Google/Affiliate.. good luck Chris!
  • And last, but not least – Maria Klink got engaged

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