The Collective increase.. (and some sightings)

My post the other day was, apparently, just priming the pump.  I have been informed of a bunch more ex-Clickers that are there or “in transit.”  The list now includes Jose Tutiven, Parvinder, and now recruiter, Scott Leonardis.  Good luck to all of them, it must be cool/weird to go to a new company and know everyone.. certainly removes those first day jitters!

In other worlds.. Kathryn Koegel (former head of Research and Industry Development) reports several clicker sightings at the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference in NYC 10/27. Scott Knoll of Datran was on a panel as was Andrew Rutledge of Pubmatic.  Kathryn Koegel is back ranting about how to make online ads work better.  Latest whitepaper: