Lots of permutations of Permuto

One of the cool things about living in the Valley, as I now do, is all the tech and start-ups.  Even cooler is when you know a founder and get to meet up and have lunch with them!  I had lunch today with Navdeep Saini, CTO and co-founder of Permuto.  They are a start-up, 2 miles from my house, doing some interesting things with display ads for marketers.. Good to see him!

A Ex-Clicker Twitter List

I took 5 minutes and made a list… it’s about 5 people, so post a comment if you want me to add you to this list and it can be a single URL for all ex-Clicker (or current, well, sort of), Twitters..


The Collective increase.. (and some sightings)

My post the other day was, apparently, just priming the pump.  I have been informed of a bunch more ex-Clickers that are there or “in transit.”  The list now includes Jose Tutiven, Parvinder, and now recruiter, Scott Leonardis.  Good luck to all of them, it must be cool/weird to go to a new company and know everyone.. certainly removes those first day jitters!

In other worlds.. Kathryn Koegel (former head of Research and Industry Development) reports several clicker sightings at the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference in NYC 10/27. Scott Knoll of Datran was on a panel as was Andrew Rutledge of Pubmatic.  Kathryn Koegel is back ranting about how to make online ads work better.  Latest whitepaper:  www.primaryimpact.com/dpac4

A Collective of Clickers

OK, it’s  time to officially recognize the cluster of Clickers at Collective Media.  I can kind of count Joe Apprendi, although that is a stretch.  Falk delivered Peter Fernquist to DoubleClick, but he landed at Collective.  Then, recently, 2 more long-standing Clickers have ended up there.. 1) Sean Koehler, fellow Cowboy fan, and 2) Tony Lagana, uber engineer for 10+ years.

Good luck to them, they got a good team now!

As the Norm turns

A Norm Page sighting.. which means someone saw Norm in a classic “Norm” outfit.  Word is that Norm is at Datran Media, working on the Aperture product.  <npage *at* Datranmedia.com>

Good luck Norm!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

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An eerie reminder

Yea, I was on Facebook tonite.. for like 5 minutes.  But in my list of friends, I got a reminder of Steve Wolkoff.  Just reminded me of that tragic loss.

Facebook | Ben Saitz put a mouse on my mac with 2-buttons.. apple is real stupid for not making that standard. my mighty mouse looks pretty lame now

Mongo Mongo!

MongoDB – another creation of folks like Dwight, Kevin, and Elliot Horowitz – getting some investment and PR from none other than Fred Wilson.  Cloud-based and better than Oracle I take it 😉

Something big is going down with Freewheel!

OK, I made that up. But when I walked out of my hotel this AM, I ran into Doug Knopper, staying at the same hotel, so we got to say hello quickly before we went off for our morning fun!  No idea why Doug is in town, but that title sounded more snappy than, “I saw Doug on 25th street!”

In other news, Sean Harvey is on a 2 month tour – and if you appreciate Sean, as I do, reading his writings are pretty damn entertaining.  His blog is here – http://adventuresinrandomthinking.blogspot.com/.  Have a great trip Sean!

2 + 2 = Katsur

Tony Katsur has moved over and signed on MediaMath.  He was a long-time clicker (apparently he ran all of DART, which generally all press releases say), and then did some time over at Panther.. a quick stop at TravelAdNetwork and MediaMath is now home.

Good luck Tony!