Xoogler and ex-Clicker now a booker

After 3+ years at DoubleClick then, 5+ years at Google, Tom Fochetta recently joined Amazon in July as Director of Ad Sales for the East Coast.

A THN good-bye party..

We had a great turnout of current, former, soon-to-be former Clickers last night in THN..

THN Goodbye

Is Marianne away? Where?

I was struck by this in my gmail/AIM buddy list.  Marianne, who I must have added some time ago.. Marianne still uses AIM and is “away.”  Has there been a sighting of her? Anywhere?


Note how I protected the others 😉

2+ more moves

1) Jeannie Gamon, who was heading up sales in the UK has decided to shove off.  I also heard the entire APAC sales team has given their notice.. those details are still trickling in.  I actually worked, for a little bit, with Jeannie in a prior company.  Full details in this piece

2) Anyone who ever worked at 33rd & 10th had a meal at the Cheyenne Diner.  Well, after a bunch of attempts to sell it and move it, it literally was picked up and is being moved! Thanks to Linda Orlando for the tip!

Cheyenne Diner getting moved!

The Ruby has landed.

Real-Time Move: Google/DoubleClick’s Michael Rubenstein Becomes President of AppNexus.  This is what I had heard, but hey, I don’t want to post-rumors, just the facts..

Michael Rubenstein, who managed the ongoing operations of Google Doubleclick’s ad exchange product (AdX), has joined cloud-computing and real-time advertising infrastructure company, AppNexus.

Schwag & propoganda redux

Craig Berlingo, he was an SE for me, was kind enough to send over some pics and scans – some cool old stuff. Hope you enjoy. Naturally the costume pic is the winner here 🙂

whatis18 whatis17 whatis14 whatis1

pen doubleclick_clip

Like a Boss

One More Googler Gone: DoubleClick AdExchange Boss Michael Rubenstein.  I knew Mike was a senior guy, but “the boss” has a real cool ring to it.  Mike was the man (ok, shared that distinction with Spencer) for AdX and after years of investment, it’s starting to pay off.

Of course, when I see Mike listed as “the boss,” I can’t help think of (NFW warning)

Clicking it over to the Hook

Ex-Clicker (well, aren’t we all now ex-Clickers?) — anyway, Tom Walsh just accepted an offer to join a bunch of old DFA clients from Beyond Interactive at HookLogic, Inc. in NYC.  He will be VP, Sales & Marketing and looking to hire good sales and marketing people first in NYC and then elsewhere.  Anyone interested can send a resume to him at Tom {at} HookLogic(.)com.  I checked the management roster and sure enough, the president is the very well known Vardaan.