The Rubi-click project?

The Rubicon Project had been doing well with Susie Roach on board, they just landed another important cog with the hiring of  Kaylie Smith.  Congrats to Kaylie and somehow I have no email address for Susie, anyone got one for me?

2 deals closed!

  1. Tremor, full of ex-Clickers, raised some more fundage!  MediaPost Publications Tremor Closes New Round: Will Fund Product Development, Solutions 08/26/2009.
  2. Melissa Mulvihill, saleswoman supreme, got hitched!  congrats!

The Rutty has landed

Andrew Rutledge has landed, at PubMatic.   A good signing for them, and glad Andrew landed at an up-and-coming shop.  PubMatic and AdMeld both have a handful of ex-Clickers, the race is on!

Update: This press release contains about 75% more accurate facts than the other

Quick-hitter job post

I got an email from Gad, the French clicker (ok, not the only one, but the one I worked with the most, way back when).. He had a lead on a pretty cool gig:  Sales Director /VP sales in NY area, for a start-up who is launching a new advertising inventory system in the US.  Gad claims it’s better than ShowAvail 🙂  Ping me or gad (gad a-t stanislas dot org)

Remember when..

As I packed up this AM in my hotel, I looked at my nice DoubleClick duffel bag.  I then remembered where I got it.  Back in like 2002 or 2003, I think Bruce Dalziel had the idea to sell off the excess schwag to the employees, so I bought a few things, including this bag.  I recall paying $20, I think Barb (Thanner) was running the register 🙂


Christina Killing It

I missed the duet she did with Gustavo in Paris, circa 1999.. too bad, I really want to reunion.

x+1 rakes in some..

My first DCLK boss, Greg Pier, works at x+1, and a boss prior to that, John Nardone, heads up the shop, so I made the executive decision to post this news.. 🙂  yea, i can do that.  Ad Targeter [x + 1] Adds $2 Million In Funding | paidContent .

Fueling a new start-up

Richard Frankel, former NG & Clicker, is now heading up a new start-up, a new type of network.  I haven’t spoken to Richard in a few years, but always liked working with him in my early Clicker days.  Head on over and read all about it.

Rey, was it that bad here?

I happened over to Rey’s profile on LinkedIn | Rey LeClerc earlier – it was in a newsletter from them, and I couldn’t help but notice he has a 3 year  gap in his resume, the very 3-odd years he worked at DoubleClick.. What went wrong Rey?  I hope it wasn’t something I said.. 😉

Rey missing a piece of his life..

Rey missing a piece of his life..

Google Loses Search Marketing Exec To Clickable (GOOG)

Dave Fall’s departure gets some press..   Google Loses Search Marketing Exec To Clickable (GOOG).