Busy season for the exit door

I can’t catalog all the recent departures, but I’ll take a shot..

  • the finance/salesops gang had their 1yr term expire, some even had extensions, so stayed on past the end date.. folks like Nicole Widder and many other good folks who helped keep the trains running on time..
  • Assaf Alster decided to move on, after 2 stints with DoubleClick, something tells me he will resurface someplace familiar.  If Assaf became an accountant, I’d be stunned
  • Robert Victor also decided to move on beyond the world of DoubleClick, nee Google
  • Manuel Ponce de Leon.. Manuel, like Assaf, left DoubleClick, but returned to the fold after his company was acquired.  For Manuel, it was Falk, for Assaf, it was Klipmart
  • Joyce Goh also left.  Joyce might be the only person on the planet who actually quit Google twice!  Not sure what this says about Joyce, but for a place this hard to get into… hmmm.
  • Sarah Masters has left and moved onto a new role someplace else in the online business — nobody ever goes too far, eh?
  • Eric Sanders quit Performics.  Hey, that counts!

I should work harder to catalog these as they happen, I’m sure I’m skipped lots of pieces by batching them – feel free to drop me a line if there are some more I need to note.