Fall departing in Summer

One of the good-guys, Dave Fall, has decided to move on to other adventures, his last day at Google is fast approaching.  I won’t be able to attend, but his going-away party is next week:

The particulars:        Date: Tuesday Aug 4th
Location: the Gaslight, 14th and 9th
Time:  5:30 – ?

I worked with Dave very early on in my career, right out of the gate in fact.  He was always someone that people liked working with and for.  He ran DFP Support, then got deep into the DART Mail pool, then helped with the going private of DoubleClick, and spent his last few years running the DART Search business.  He leaves a pretty strong legacy of accomplishments and people, like me, who truly enjoyed working with Dave.  He and I are both sad Mets fans, but that’s how Mets fans seem to prefer to exist anyway.

My favorite story was when Dave and I shared the same boss (no names), the boss was, how do you say, a little unreliable.  Dave would, like clockwork, show up for his 1:1 every Friday and our boss was never ever there.  Dave and I spent the time chatting about family, our kids, the Mets, or his latest home project.  This went on for quite a while..

Dave will be landing at Clickable, and they are lucky to get him.

Some of the Class Action Docs..

They have my old address, so I don’t really think there’s a security issue here.. Ray? Bruce?



More KR infomercials on managing?

Thankfully, I wasn’t canned by KR.. and KO once told me that it’s better that he left, KR was more the guy to do the whackings that were needed.  Some points of dispute:

  • Not sure that it was 4 rounds of 250
  • Was it 2,000 to 1,000?  Perhaps
  • Morale was deep in the shitter, that’s dead-on
  • BusinessInsider seems to be running these as a series..

Not quite a reunion, but..

Looks like the gang over at FreeWheel are collaborating with the YouYTube folks..

YouTube FreeWheel Ad-Server Test Could Draw CBS, Warner – Advertising Age – Digital.

A Flo-clicker lost

I didn’t know him much, but had heard lots of good things about the guy, but sadly, Brock Taylor has passed away. The Flo Alum have some nice words about the guy on their Facebook page.  Brock was a Clicker, post-acquisition of Flo.

KR claims the VC ATM is working, well.

Couldn’t help but notice this.. Kevin makes you want to start requesting term sheets today..

Vic russo, you left this behind!

A recent move on the 10th floor revealed a giant (and yes, heavy) safe, it has a sticker on it with Vic Russo’s name..

Vic, email me the combo, off-line 🙂

Someone not showing any class

I got some mail today, there’s a class-action lawsuit against DoubleClick, for those who bought stock from like ’98 to 2000. I did, before I even worked there. But the claimants would get about $0.03 per share, and I know I had a pretty scant number of shares, so I chucked it. I may scan it for giggles.

Busy season for the exit door

I can’t catalog all the recent departures, but I’ll take a shot..

  • the finance/salesops gang had their 1yr term expire, some even had extensions, so stayed on past the end date.. folks like Nicole Widder and many other good folks who helped keep the trains running on time..
  • Assaf Alster decided to move on, after 2 stints with DoubleClick, something tells me he will resurface someplace familiar.  If Assaf became an accountant, I’d be stunned
  • Robert Victor also decided to move on beyond the world of DoubleClick, nee Google
  • Manuel Ponce de Leon.. Manuel, like Assaf, left DoubleClick, but returned to the fold after his company was acquired.  For Manuel, it was Falk, for Assaf, it was Klipmart
  • Joyce Goh also left.  Joyce might be the only person on the planet who actually quit Google twice!  Not sure what this says about Joyce, but for a place this hard to get into… hmmm.
  • Sarah Masters has left and moved onto a new role someplace else in the online business — nobody ever goes too far, eh?
  • Eric Sanders quit Performics.  Hey, that counts!

I should work harder to catalog these as they happen, I’m sure I’m skipped lots of pieces by batching them – feel free to drop me a line if there are some more I need to note.

A funny video..

I rarely post videos, but once you watch this one, you’ll understand why I made an exception.