Put me in coach!

Deb Josephs is offering a free career coaching conversation (via phone) for folks looking for a new role.  Reach out via email to deb {at} djosephsconsulting(.)com and visit www.djosephsconsulting.com for information about her practice.

Thanks Deb!

A little more than a year ago..

They filled Tony Ferrelli’s office with balloons.  Not sure why I just thought of it, but I’ll post the pics now.. too good to pass up.  I bet it still smells like latex in there..

Don’t forget email…

Remember DARTmail?  Oh yea, there were many versions.. not the one integrated with DFP.. or message media.. or unitymail… wow, was that a strategy?  Anyway, Epsilon is still out there, with lots of ex-Clickers still fighting the  good fight in that space.. A few have left, but returned as well:

Barbara Rose, who was back and forth like a foosball, between mail and ad serving, rejoined Epsilon in 2008 as Director, Business Solutions, and was reunited to some great DARTmail people.  She even hired Gurjit Sandhu, former DoubleClick Marketing Coordinator as Coordinator, Business Solutions.

And a shout out to my bud, Ted Ma.. I wish Google would hire him already.

A Calarco sighting!

Carl works for a shop called “Create the Group,” he’s their new in-house nutrionist and Creative Director… congrats!

Check that — error by the editor-in-chief, he’s the CFO 🙂

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • the old sales/gts/legal section of 111 8th remains empty and not upgraded.. maybe we can just move back #
  • tim moving on, is david seeking to ascend? #

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BK officially lands

Brian Kane, long-time and well-regarded Clicker, landed at AdMeld.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01

  • a few more weeks until project montana is totally complete #

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