A sad Monday

Sort of sad for me, this Monday is not like last Monday, for this Monday is missing a few key ,long time contributors.  Last Friday was the last day for 3 guys I worked with from my day one..  I wish them all the best and look forward to keeping in touch and carrying their legacy forward…

A quick word or two on each:

sean koehler – he was one of my first direct reports.  when i started, the dfp support team he had managed had been moved to colorado and he was moved over to report to me.  he, like me, had a pretty vague job, but we both figured things out and began to find our way.  sean really took off when i made him the EMT manager, a role he did very well.  EMT isn’t an easy team to run, and wasn’t back then for sure, but Sean always brought to work a great attitude – to learn, to contribute, to grow, and he had DFP running in his veins.  Running an ASP requires sacrifice and Sean made more than his share, without ever complaining.  this included countless major product issues, project montana (the project to move the datacenter from NY to CO), layoffs, growth, products that came and went- but sean was always a steady leader and true clicker.

brian kane – brian was still in CO when i started and I was the new guy.  the new guy who ran what, was then, a pretty chaotic EMT in a chaotic engineering and company.  brian was great, he ran support and pushed my group hard to provide better support to his team.  brian’s intentions were always with the customer, always wanted to do right by the customer, and he made it clear to everyone when we weren’t keeping the customers needs top of mind.  brian helped us bring SCP to doubleclick and proved himself to be way ahead of his time in his leveraging of metrics.  i can’t even count the things i’ve learned from brian and the lessons i will keep from working with him.  brian always wanted to do right for his team and he was the guy with services and GTS in his bloodstream, and everyone who worked with him knew it.

ben harris – i first met ben when we were both peers reporting to greg pier.  ben headed up the software support, which included DE and a software-based email product we had then called “unity mail.”  i still remind ben about a client named fishbowl that was one of the first BEMPs because of issues with unity mail, a product that would need 5 upgrades to get to step-child, it wasn’t not a core part of our strategy.  but ben did well with the products and teams he had.  then we got stuck together in an office on 16 at 450 – back when we were consolidating office space on a weekly basis.  around this time, ben moved over to the business management function as well.  ben and i hit it off pretty much right out of the gate.  he’s a funny guy and we had lots of fun working together and going through all the ups and downs that those years brought.  and silly fun stuff like singing “mockingbird” (i like to think i did the james taylor piece, he may think otherwise) in our office together.  we were next to a few lawyers, they thought we were certifiable.  we always worked well together and ben’s contributions are countless. programs like BEMP, anytime feedback, training to sales, and that cool customer report salem built (account intelligence report) will always be associated with ben.  he had the customer focus you needed, but also had a knack to always be looking to action in whatever we did.. action to improve, action to track, action to keep ourselves accountable.  be it a client advisory board, user group, or client feedback, ben wanted to distill what we needed to do, not just read and learn.