DR a Yahoo?

David Rosenblatt listed as possible CEO of Yahoo!  Frankly, and this is just my opinion, I don’t see it.

Leveraging the fountain…

Ex-Clickers have lots of knowledge, not just about products, Debbie Josephs is offering some high-value employee consulting services that are worth more than a passing look..

THE TIME IS NOW – Get more Business Documents

DoubleClick tech goes open

One of the most interesting things I learned recently was that a few of the long-time DoubleClickers:, Jeremy Hinds and Allister Lam had taken their homegrown shell tools, known as CRUSH, and taken it open source!  Google’s support for open source and Google Code site provide the necessary backdrop to do such.

Congrats to Allister and Jeremy (and the others)

A Clicker sells his company and his name is *not* Kevin Ryan

Mike Carter has taken down the “for sale” sign at Zoomf, because it’s been sold!

Trinity Mirror snaps up Zoomf