DR = Display

Officially good news – David has signed on as Head of Display

A sad site..

With sadness, but a place for all to visit.. http://www.jenlarwa.com/index.html

Dust settles into press releases

I wonder if my next gig will include a press release, but enough about me

Geoff Shenk is taking his hair to a new shop, Kenshoo.  MD of North American Operations, sounds like fun.
Richard Kidd has landed at DF Fast Channel (don’t know much of them)
Erwin Plomp is landing as head of sales for Eyewonder in EMEA..

One of the most powerful property people..

It ain’t Donald Trump.. well, it might be, but he’s not an ex-Clicker, so I won’t be posting that here.  But lo and behold, Mike Carter and his Zoomf blog came out at #61.  I didn’t see that coming

Too many goodbye emails recently..

I’ve gotten too many good-bye emails from some great people that we’ve been lucky to work with.. some names & short takes (inside joke on the title)

  1. Pam Schoenfeld – Lawyerly supremely.  I worked with her on a few matters, but I’d say Klipmart and TangoZebra M&A were the closest.. She was great to work with and if she ever writes a tell all book, I will camp out in front of Barnes & Noble for copy #1
  2. Tracy Otis – Talk about a life jacket on the Titanic.. well, not that we were going down, but more in terms of the value  Tracy was uber helpful on countless occasions, helping me understand what some cryptic in a contract meant or helping us win business and not have to make unnecessary compromises.  I used to sit on 16 (mezzanine) by Pam, Tracy, Dalia, Yvonne, Hillary and others – not only were they a fun bunch (who under the sun would have guessed that!?), but I learned quite a bit!  (less of a shock)
  3. Carl Calarco – Pretty decent jumpshot.  What did he do here?  Oh yea, finance!  haha.. It was good to have Carl on the team and I think he knows more about ad serving than anyone in the financial arena..
I’m sure I’m forgetting some folks, but for what I get paid to do this, shit happens.

Another good Conductor

Firra Abramov will be joining Conductor, joining 44 ex-Clickers (OK, just 3 – Ho, Pav and Bigs).

And while I’m at it, Tom Walsh works there too and was kind enough to inform me of them doing some hiring!

A clear view to the spring..

A job posting worth sharing..

Clearspring, the leading widget platform on the Web.  With the recent acquisition of bookmaking company AddThis, we now serve over 20 billion impressions monthly.  Clearspring is seeking a seasoned online media sales professional to oversee the addition and integration of online media publishers.  Based in San Francisco, this professional will leverage their online media expertise, and strong relationships in the emerging web publisher network in/around Silicon Valley to strengthen Clearspring’s publisher network and product offerings.   In addition to hands on BD activities, this position would also grow quickly into a leadership role, managing the publisher acquisitions team on the West Coast.  Details on the position can be found here,http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=604464, and atwww.clearspring.com