Give the big guy some love!

David Rosenblatt, in the running for top 100 folks on Silicon Alley 100!

I wonder for how much longer..

This printer is sitting here in NY, but it’s not on the Google network, so my guess is that it won’t last long, so glad I took a photo.. Grappone was a good IT and basketball player.. whereever he is now, hey Jeff!

From Drop Box

No longer a CDN, now a DDN

CDNs are content delivery networks.

DDNs are DoubleClick delivery networks.
Akamai is apparently both.
Former clicker, Eric Kirtcheff left Yahoo! to head there.
James Rooney was an SC at DoubleClick for about 10 minutes and went there.. 
Recently former marketing guy, Tom Burg, also heading there..
On their mailing lists, maybe there’s a “Clicker alumni list”

Dropping like flies..

We knew these days were coming.. 6 months or thereabouts.. the string of good-bye emails seems to have quieted a bit, although there may be some more before it’s all said and done.

Some real good people moving on: Nilay, Nora, Avi, Carl, Pam, and plenty more.. it’s starting to look and feel a bit like a different place more and more..

Chapters ending..

it’s official – performics is now part of publicis, more like part of VivaKi.  i will say, when we first bought performics (project “sherlock”), i wasn’t really sure what it all meant.. at first, i understood we’d learn about search from them.. and then realized how adjacent affiliate was, then realized they were a full-serve serve firm, like an agency.  overall, people like nick beil, eric sanders, cam balzer, and the many other great people who work there taught me and many others here about the search and affiliate business, it’s been a great learning experience and it’s sad to see them go, as much as it makes sense and all.  i hope they all thrive, and as they are now a strategic customer, i’ll have to work to enable that

also, with october will also bring the end of the road for a number of staff here.  in some cases, we know who is leaving, in others, it’s a little more of a closely held piece of info.. but the the familiar faces start to thin out, it’s a reminder of the great team we had here and how those that remain need to carry the torch..