Former clicker looking for newbie!

Online Publishers
Association Job Opening:  Marketing Coordinator

Know a smart tech-savvy self starter just out of college/ or
a year or so out of college? If so, then send them our way! Responsibilities
include everything from working with our database, events and web publishing.  Great
opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning about the online industry. 
 Contact Kathryn Koegel, VP of
Marketing (former DoubleClick Director of Research & Industry Dev), at kkoegel {at} online-publishers(.)org
for more details.

Ruth in the limelight

Our own sales-extraordinaire, Ruth Kirschner, in the same articleas some other heavy hitting women of Silicon Valley

The PM of Ringleader

sonjoy Sonjoy Ganguly has landed! and thankfully not at a major search engine   VP of Product Management for Ringleader – good luck!

A firm is born!


Recent veep of HR, Debbie Josephs, has hung up her own shingle.. sharing her experience in HR, leadership, coaching, etc with those in need.  Good luck to Deb and if any start-ups, individuals, or companies are considering some HR consulting, do reach out!

Another clicker reunion

Long story about how I ended up here – but Ho Chin and Pav are now working together over at LinkExperts

A job post for y’awl..

Vice President, Advertising Solutions

Clearspring, the leading (and only ABCi accredited) widget network, is looking for a passionate and innovative Online Advertising executive to serve as Vice President of Advertising Solutions.   This VP will lead strategy, development and implementation of a full suite of advertising solutions for the Clearspring widget network, serving over 4B widgets month for currently reaching over 127M unique monthly viewers world-wide.    This is an opportunity to own a critical product line in one of the fastest growing content syndication and monetization segments on the Web.  Information on Clearspring’s advertising products and clients can be found at

We are willing to consider candidates from all US locations, however the ideal locations for the position are Washington, DC metro or New York City. The position is posted on the Clearspring site at, and on LinkedIn at

Resumes, questions, etc. can be sent directly to Ian Jones at ian {at} clearspring(.)com or feel free to give me a call at 703-677-3641.

A new Clicker venture – and totally not web 2.0

Giogio Rietti has a new venture – I have to admit, I didn’t see this one coming

Gluten-free Italian goodies –  For folks who have celiac, this could be a real find!

Good luck GR!