A foundation for Steve Wolkoff

(from Steve’s family)

The Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff Foundation

A foundation has been formed in honor of my son, Steve Wolkoff.

The foundation is an opportunity to honor Steven’s name and keep his voice alive. The mission will be to support work addressing the issues that were important to him: recreational  (local ultimate teams, parks and common green areas), educational (he would love to create an educational center/think tank),  and addressing environmental problems and solutions.

The current address is c/o Sandy Wolkoff, 29 The  Circle, The Knolls, Glen Head NY 11545. The new ID-EIN number for the Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff Foundation is  26-2864582.

Another site launched

really nice beginning of a site with some pics and info.. and the first update on cindy

More funeral details.

Thanks to Freewheel for posting these

An Update on Steve

From the Freewheel folks (thanks for keeping the info flowing)

– Steve’s funeral will be held at 10am EST on Friday at Gutterman’s Funeral Home, 800 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY.  Roger Lee from Battery Ventures is in NYC this week and has graciously offered to represent us all.  If you wish to attend, here’s a link to the directions: http://www.guttermansinc.com/location/wood_directions.html

– Steve’s girlfriend, Cindy, remains in serious condition at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto.  She has undergone multiple surgeries but my understanding is that her doctors are hopeful she will walk again.  I am going to stop by later today to meet her family if possible.

– Steve’s mom is working on establishing a health trust fund to ensure that Cindy is able to get the best health care possible.  We should have information on where we can make donations tomorrow.  FreeWheel and Battery Ventures will be making a joint donation. 

Thank you all for your support, thoughts, and prayers.  The Wolkoff family tells me that they are enormously appreciative of everything that Steve’s friends have done.

Comment about Steve from his community

The Flash community has posted a message on FlashComGuru about Steve’s loss, someone who was clearly a large contributor.

Sadness yet again..

I got the word today, one of the best of the best who ever called themselves a “Clicker” has been tragically killed.  Steve Wolkoff, who started in support, became one of the best rich media folks ever at DoubleClick, then moved to product management.  He left DoubleClick to head to Adobe and most recently was a product manager, alongside many other ex-clickers at Freewheel. 

Steve and his girlfriend, Cindy were in a car accident, hit head-on by a drunk driver.  Steve was killed and Cindy is in critical condition.

Steve was one of the first few folks who worked on my team when I joined DoubleClick, alongside folks like Ed Chen, Eric Kirtcheff, Jason Hodge, and others.. Steve went to Albany, I went to Binghamton.  He was a nice Jewish kid, something that I liked to think we had in common.  Steve and I enjoyed many basketball sessions on the roof at 450, he had a decent jumper,  but I still remember his savvy going to left or right to the basket.. I remember him telling me he wanted to go to SF and helped facilitate that.  I thought it would be good for him, good for us, and just good for rich media.  And I don’t mind saying, his wardrobe was memorable for sure..

I can’t begin to think of the sadness his family and parents must be going through, a memorial site is underway, I’ll post a link to that once I get it.  I was unable to find any news clippings on the accident, but will post them here too.

Steve was a nice guy, a smart guy, a funny guy, a hard working guy, and just a guy you wanted on your team.. I don’t mean this as a eulogy, but I think he’d appreciate being remembered for the way he carried himself and how everyone around him just enjoyed the time they had with him.

We’ll miss you Steve.. I already do.

Update: 6/23/2008: Doug, from Freewheel, was kind enough to send over a link to the news story.. not much detail, but I expect those will be forthcoming

One of the complications with losing people these days is the sudden brakes applied to their online lives, diaries, blogs, and profiles.  I keep coming back to Steve’s facebook profile, it’s hardly the measure of a person, but there’s a somber reality that it will never be updated again, I can’t jot a little remark, or send a link to some cool new web site for him..

News stories starting to include some details:

Hey, a seriously cool job!

Return Path, home to many former Clickers, including recent addition, Cathy Hawley – looking for a VP, Tech!

Send candidates to Jennifer.goldman {at} returnpath(.)net

Not really a reunion…

2 former “clickers” are working together.. Tom Shields, founder of a little ad serving shop called NetGravity has hired Alex Tsai, former DoubleClick (AOL!) Product Manager… they are working together on an exciting new venture, Yieldex. Yieldex has some cool software to attack the complexities of publisher inventory management.. I didn’t sign an NDA, but have some honor, so will just say stay tuned..