All the authors and their print..

A few authors worth noting, for anyone that wasn’t aware..

1) Sean Harvey has had a book for years, and now a series of “Rough Guides” – the original was on the Dominican Republic, the newest is on NYC


2) Ralf Hirt is now an author too!  Press Release

You can even get it on your Kindle!!

Does Panther get lighter now that Tony is heavy?

Tony Katsur moved off of Panther Express, landing at

I probably forgot some stuff..

But at OMMA last week, as mentioned, I saw Jon Heller for a bit, also had a beer with Brent Horowitz, another former Clicker.  I swapped emails with Melissa Mulvihill.  Melissa and Brent now both work at Freewheel, alongside countless others: Steve Wolkoff, Alex Ng, Diane Yu, etc, etc, etc..

Today, a piece online about Jon & Doug in TV week

The Butler is In

Jane Butler, Managing Director of Western Region Sales at Google, has surfaced.  Jane headed up the Travel vertical in the long gone days of the DoubleClick Media Network.  Jane left in early 2000 and has been a Googler ever since. 
Jane trained DoubleClickers in San Francisco on Google this week.  She has a great claim to fame about the early DoubleClick days: she trained David Rosenblatt on DART.  Not too many people can say that I’m sure.  It was good to meet Jane, and learn more about her world at GoogleClick.

On the hunt..

I’m at OMMA this week, looking for ex-Clickers.. I think Jon Heller is here, but will keep my eyes open..

Kevin Ryan on.. DoubleClick & Google

Interesting to hear KR on these current events!  I think he’s right on some of his points, but only time with tell.


* Thanks to Pat for the link!